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Born in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba 1966



Since early childhood, Radamés Potrony has been inspired by nature, during his early studies with art teachers, such as Lago, Armando Rodríguez and Tomas Sanchez, all three teachers are masters of the Cuban plastic arts, he has demonstrated that he possesses a great talent in painting landscapes of Cuba, all three teachers left a great influence in his style and were also his first mentors.
Potrony’s landscape paintings have been quoted among world collectors, as one of the most remarkable young Cuban landscape artist in Florida. Potrony's work has always been inspired by the work of his personal friend, renowned Cuban landscape artist Tomas Sanchez. 
Even though he was taught by great masters in the arts, Potrony has developed his own unique and distinctive style. 
Another renowned Cuban artist José Juaquín Tejeda, was also a great inspiration for Potrony, their work is influenced by French pre-impressionist artist Camile Pizarro, where light and color, play an important element in their landscape paintings.




2018 - Miami Lakes Town Hall, Miami Lakes, FL

2017 - Cuba Nostalgia, Plaza de
2018 - Coco & Vanilla, Little Havana, Miami, Florida
2018 - La Galeria Cuban Fine Art, Miami, Florida
los Artistas, Miami, Florida 
2017 - Frame on Wheels, Miami, Florida 
2014 - Luis Molina Fine Art Gallery, Collective Artistas de Arte Cubano y Contemporaneo, Miami, Florida
2013 - La Bohemia Fine Arts Gallery, Private Exhibition of Collective Artists, Miami, Florida
2010 - On With The Show Art Gallery, Visalia, California
2009 - FIART- Feria International de Arte, Santo Domingo, D.R.
2008 - Ninth Annual Hope for All Ball, Camillus House, Miami, Florida
2008 - La Bohemia Fine Arts Gallery, Personal Exhibition of Radames Potrony, Miami, Florida
2007 -
Zugaleria Fine Arts, Pasage Del Recuerdo Personal Art Exhibition, Miami, Florida
2006 - Cremata Fine Art Gallery, Miami, Florida
2005 - Cronos Art, Miami River Connection, Miami. Florida
2004 - Las Tres Caras de America Latina, Ministry of Culture, Maracaibo, Venezuela
2004 - Feria Internacional del Arte Contemporaneo, Florence, Italy
2003 - Personal Exhibition of Radames Potrony, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2003 - La
Collectiva, Rome, Italy 
2003 - Art Chicago, Chicago, Illinois 
2003 - Arte America, Coconut Grove, Florida 
2003 - Art Miami Beach, Miami Beach, Florida
2003 - Fine Art, Long Island, New York
1999 - Group Exhibition Through St. Martin, Virginia Island
1999 - Contemporary Cuban Painting Group Show, Virginia
1999 - International Fair of Contemporary Art, Paris, France
1998 - Group Show, Institute of America of Santa Fe, Granada, Spain
1998 - Group Show,
Cuban Painting, Miami, Florida
1997 - Artistas Santiagueros Expo, Palace Of the Merced, Cordobas, Spain.
1997 - Los Angeles Art Show, Los Angeles, California
1996 - Group Show to Benefit Miami Children's Hospital, Miami, Florida


2000 - Donated one of his original works to La Ermita de la
2003 - Chosen as a Judge in the Cultural Affairs Council Arts Show by Mayor Raul Martinez, Hialeah, Florida 
Carida, Miami, Florida
1995 - Donated one of his original works to The Willy Chirino Children's Foundation, Miami, Florida
1995 - Recognized by The Naval Fleet Manchu with a diploma and three medals of honor, for his labor in promoting Cuban Art 
1994 - Leaves Cuba on a raft to Guantanamo Naval Base, where he creates the first Cuban art gallery called "Libertad" in Guantanamo, built by the United States 



Radames Potrony, of impressive texture in his expression, offers us the literal reality, it gives us the essential color, the wise condensation, able to give us in a gesture, a look, all the classic intensity of the projected landscape. This is the extreme case of virtuosity ad asun poetae. We fill the space when the artist opens the doors to all the evasions. There are different trends in all the contours, with the paths of feeling and creation and even that of sensitized intelligence, they are radically referred to. It is a position hitherto manifested, a change of quality and degree in the purpose of granting the artist a privileged and esoteric franchise.

His pictorial language in the Visual Arts, serves to say the whole spectacle that we face to defend its field, to claim its authenticity. His entrancing exercise will communicate, with force, with the deepest new notes, strokes and brushstrokes for a definition of a Familiar Gobelin of Expressionism and much more tempting in the color of his Landscape.

Actually, the artist is interested in being updated, if he is a type of vanguard, although he considers himself a man open to the new, to the unusual. He is a painter who takes his time, his personality and his angels and those are his characteristics and those who prefer to continue with them.

By Jose Antonio Perez Perez


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